Kamruzzaman Ratan

Ratan is a cartoonist, graphic artist and animator who graduated in graphic design in Dhaka and studied animation in Malaysia. He started drawing cartoons at a very young age in the late 90s and was regularly featured in almost every major newspaper and magazine in Bangladesh. This includes Unmad, ProthomAlo, Daily Star, Bhorer Kagoj and more. He also works for Istock and Getty Images as an illustrator and graphic artist.

His illustrations were published on Time, Huffington Post, Forbes, Mashable and others. As an animator, Ratan’s animated short “The Unsolved Stars” won  the Fabulous Four New Director Award in Adfest Asia 2013 and was also shortlisted for Young Directors Award in Cannes Lions film festival.

Ratan along with his twin brother, Manik have their own cartoon character named “Drogo” that is known world-wide and became viral over Designtaxi, 9Gag, Boredpanda and Talenthouse on social media. Facebook recognised Drogo characters by including Drogo sticker set for world-wide users. He and his brother, Manik run an animation and design studio in Dhaka now.

Ratan's Artwork

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