SUHAKAM calls for review of rehab centre after abuse allegations

Suhakam calls for review of rehab centre after abuse allegations (

KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) has called for the registration of a private drug rehabilitation centre in Bukit Beruntung, Selangor, to be reviewed following allegations that its trainees have been abused.

Commissioner Noor Aziah Awal said Suhakam’s investigation in June revealed that residents of Rumah Pemulihan Akhlak Insani (Rumah Insani) were mistreated by the centre’s trainers, while checks by the police found that the trainers were wanted persons.

“The way the trainees were treated is not in compliance with the Care Centres Act 1993,” she said at a press conference at the commission’s headquarters here today.

Aziah said Rumah Insani’s rehabilitation programme involved Islamic modules, such as prayers and Quran recitals, as well as keeping the place clean.

However, investigations revealed that trainees were not getting enough rest as they were often forced to take part in the activities.

“If we see from the programmes, it seems like there’s no issue. However, when we interviewed the residents, they said they would only get about three hours of sleep each day.”

She said the trainees were also forced to fast every day and when they were allowed to eat, they were sometimes given only rice with salt.

According to Aziah, there were about 52 residents in the centre, excluding the trainers.

“We even rescued four children under the age of 17,” she said, adding that the oldest residents were 52 years old.

The Suhakam commissioner said there were strict restrictions when it came to visits by family members, with trainees warned against making any complaints about the centre.

“The wardens are always around during the visits. Trainees are not allowed to complain, otherwise they will be punished,” she said.

Aziah also said the centre was always locked from the outside while its windows were covered, preventing the trainees from escaping.

“It’s worse than a prison,” she said, adding that Suhakam’s report had been submitted to the social welfare department and Selangor Islamic religious department for further action.

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