Humaun Kadir Manik

Manik is a young cartoonist, graphic artist and animator based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He built his career as a cartoonist from a very young age along with his twin brother, Ratan and their works were featured in almost every major newspaper in the country. Together with his brother, they work for Istock as well as Getty Images as an illustrator and graphic artist. The illustrations were published on Time, Huffingtonpost, Forbes, Mashable and many others.

Manik and Ratan created a cartoon character called “Drogo” which has become viral on social media platforms such as Designtaxi, Boredpanda, 9Gag and Talenthouse and therefore recognisable world-wide. Manik graduated in graphic designing from Dhaka and studied animation in Malaysia. Manik and Ratan now runs an animation studio in Dhaka

Manik's Artwork

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