I am delighted to welcome you to The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia’s revamped and reinvigorated website. As SUHAKAM transitions into the 21st year since its establishment; it is timely and desirable for SUHAKAM to breathe fresh new life into its website. 

In light of the recent Covid19 Pandemic and requirement for new normal practices, SUHAKAM acknowledges that it has to take advantage of available tools at its disposal to further enhance its work in promoting, advocating and protecting human rights in the country. This website functions as a means for SUHAKAM to better connect with the public, transcending physical and geographical boundaries and the opportunity to present human rights issues in creative and attractive forms.

This website is designed to be more responsive to current human rights issues, highlighting areas of concern and reports on SUHAKAM’s work as the National Human Rights Institution in the country. Those interested in learning more about SUHAKAM’s activities and its efforts carried forth under the ambit of its given mandates, as well as keeping updated on upcoming events or projects, are invited to regularly visit this website. 

We welcome and encourage members of public, various communities, schools and youths to connect with us, if you have any ideas for cooperation or collaboration to advance the human rights agenda; or if anyone requires assistance to investigate a complaint on violation of human rights. SUHAKAM values and respects healthy and constructive feedback and views from anyone, regardless of background, age, race, religion or nationality. This helps us to be in touch with the reality on the ground, to be relevant and responsive to societal needs, which in the long run enables us to highlight major concerns or issues with relevant, authorities or Ministries with a view to identify and implement effective long term solutions.

One of the more important roles of SUHAKAM, is to remind the masses about their rights, to call out incidences of transgressions upon peoples’ rights or to report on notable findings or recommendations via the statements that it issues on a regular basis. These statements carry tremendous weight and influence, may in turn be the impetus that incites conversations, develops better understanding or changes opinions amongst individuals or policy makers. SUHAKAM’s press statements, past and present, are all made available and may be accessed here on the website. 

As per requirement of its founding statute, SUHAKAM reports on its work and the human rights situation in the country for the year through the publication of its Annual Report. The Annual report shall be tabled and debated in the Parliament, whereby the issues raised may be given due attention by the law makers and with it, solutions or laws/policies may be crafted to address the reality on the ground. From time to time, SUHAKAM publishes reports of specific thematic research or findings of various inquiries it conducts which are all made publicly available and widely distributed for public consumption. These publications are posted here and may be freely downloaded to be used by any interested parties, so long as due credit is accorded to SUHAKAM. 

I am pleased to note, that SUHAKAM has developed a trustworthy and healthy relationship with civil society, organisations and members, and remains committed to engage with and support the work of civil societies in the country. SUHAKAM is encouraged by Government’s support and commitment to see meet the Sustainable Development Goals, which had identified human rights as one of its overarching pillar. We will continue to work on strengthening ties with relevant Government Ministries and agencies, thereby facilitating its efforts to advocate and advise the Government on human rights perspectives to be in line with international standards. SUHAKAM has a niche role as conduit to connect civil society with the governance machinery, and has every intention to do so unreservedly whenever the opportunity arises.

In its soon to be published 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, SUHAKAM will focus on 3 Strategic Priority areas, which are:

• Empowering and strengthening Human Rights Commission of Malaysia – to be an independent, respected and effective human rights proponent

• Vulnerable communities – overall improvement on the rights and conditions of vulnerable communities in Malaysia

• Combating racism – advocating for non-discrimination and equality (combating racism)

SUHAKAM will consciously incorporate gender perspectives throughout all its programmes and activities, thereby ensuring that achieving intended outputs/outcomes will apply to and shall benefit women and the third gender, as it does to men. I am also pleased to point out, that the Office of Children’s Commissioner is by now, fully established and functioning within the larger SUHAKAM ambit. The Children’s Commissioner focuses mainly on advocating, advising, promoting and protecting children’ rights nationwide.

SUHAKAM, will continue to persevere and remain resolute in advocating, promoting and protecting human rights for all people, with an eye on the ultimate vision whereby Malaysia will one day soon be  ‘A society in which human rights are fully respected, protected and enjoyed equally by all.’

Tan Sri Othman Bin Hashim

SUHAKAM Chairman

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